Petra / custom made gown

“Designing a custom made dress always means that – in an indirect way – you are part of the ceremony as
well. When you design for a special friend known for 19 years, you are obviously even more involved. I
put my whole heart, soul and creative energy to create a dress that enhances her beauty – if that is even

She is a timeless beauty so I wanted the gown to reflect her delicate elegance and express her femininity
in a classy way. Classical high neck, mermaid silhouette and fully covered-up arms with gold lace just to
add a luxurious, mythic hint.

About the Big Day. I stayed in the background to check her veil. I watched her coming down on the
stairs. She looked like a perfect princess. But it was not only the gown I watched so closely – a designer’s
obligation maybe… I looked at the faces of the guests. I saw eyes filled with admiration. I looked at the
groom and imagined how he feels seeing her coming towards him wearing that dress. I think what I saw
was real love.”

Dress: custom made Nora Sarman gown
Photography: Milan Raczmolnar, Cinelux Weddings
Flowers: Flora Floral Botanical Aterlier
Make-up: Barbara Keseru
Hair: Judit Iglody

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